UWERG are a multidisciplinary environmental research group that focuses on research, education and information related to urban freshwater sciences.

Vision and mission

Our vision for healthy and sustainable urban waters is achieved through research, education, technology transfer, and collaborative initiatives that promote and enhance water quality, human health and freshwater ecosystems. We energize researchers, students, policymakers, funders, industrial and community partners as well as cross-border collaborators to participate in initiatives that promote and enhance healthy urban waters.

Team overview

Our multidisciplinary team of faculty, researchers and staff solves complex water-related problems through collaboration on public health, water use, technological innovation and public policy. Partners include governmental agencies, industry, and community groups. We work on projects on pollution monitoring and impacts, invasive species, watershed-related public policies, dams, sediments, drinking and recreational water, ecosystem health, and waterborne diseases. This research group generates scholarly activity, educates college and graduate level students, informs and engages K-12 students and the general public, interacts with watershed stakeholders, and exemplifies leadership of watershed research and management in the urban environment. 


The foundation of UWERG was a collective, grass-roots syncing-together of members who wanted to do more to integrate environmental factors into their research. Investigators interested in health, water, and energy combined in 2009 as the Urban Watershed and Environmental Research Group (UWERG) and began networking water-related research going on at WSU. Since the founding, UWERG is hosted by the College of Engineering but its purpose continues to be the reflection the collective and individual work of the whole group.