Dr. El-Gamal, a WSU alumni, is appointed by Governor Whitmer to the Michigan Board of Professional Engineers View more
HUW researchers will determine how green stormwater infrastructure in Detroit affects urban groundwater quality through GSI-Informed Urban Groundwater Monitoring Networks View more
Calling for Papers for this Special Issue, which will deal with the dependencies and the impacts of the connection between water and energy. Edited by Dr. Carol Miller and Dr. Caisheng Wang. View more
Find information about the newly launched initiative at Wayne State. View more
Dr. William Shuster, Dr. Jeffery Ram and Dr. Carol Miller lead project to monitor wastewater in Wayne State dormitories for early warning of SARS-Co-V-2. View more
Wayne State University, University of Detroit Mercy co-hosting global conference exploring just environments View more
It's gunky, it's gross, and it's been freed from the sewer and and put on display. View more
Healthy Urban Waters is involved in research at three field stations along the Huron to Erie Corridor, allowing first hand access and analysis of the Great Lakes. View more
Healthy Urban Waters Civil engineering researchers receive ASCE Best Paper for study of labyrinth weirs View more
Great Lakes Cities Compete To Reduce Water Utility Emissions View more

Our waters. Our life.


Healthy Urban Waters (HUW) is a collaboration of Wayne State University researchers networked with the community to focus on water in an urban setting and future impacts of human culture on community, ecosystem, and economic health.




    Healthy Urban Waters One Health Initiative


Dr. Dima S. El-Gamal, WSU Alum, is appointed to Michigan Board of Professional Engineers by Governor Whitmer

Artificial Intelligence innovation from Wayne State University & tech startup, E2i, reduces local carbon footprint of water treatment

  • Also see more about the Water Energy Nexus AI application here.

Chemicals found in Southeast Michigan's waterways present environmental challenge

dbusiness News on Covid wastwater testing by University of Michigan, and groundwater quality data projects at Wayne State University

Wayne State researchers and students receive EPA funding to understand Detroit's unique groundwater/stormwater interface

Wayne State joins $10 million COVID-19 wastewater surveillance and testing project

Free Webinar: AI for Plant Management: Leverage Big Data + Algorithms to Reduce your Carbon Footprint and Energy Costs

Foundations of Social Justice for Engineers Webinar

Water mites as a potential biocontrol agent for mosquitoes.

Wayne Medicine and Wayne Law professors team up to explore legal and ethical issues of wastewater monitoring for COVID-19

Nigerian engineering student works in Detroit to improve green infrastructure and environmental sustainability

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